Parkour Summer Camps 🔅👾⚡
2021 Summer Camps on Discount While Spots Last! 
Outrun Summer Camps for Kids & Teens
We focus on movement activities for kids & teens.  There will be instruction on obstacle courses, flips and games.  Lead by our fun loving coaches. More activities added!
New Level 2 Camps in 2021
During this week the fun continues with more courses and games scaled up for level 2 students.  We will place an emphasis on games and obstacle courses but add some flips & tricks.  Steel, and or Lunar band achievements required from taking Terra or Orbit programs!
What You'll Learn At Our Camps
Our parkour camps are a great place to combine structured play with learning in a 3 dimensional space.  Kids are given instruction on safety and awareness, but are still allowed the freedom of independent play.  Creativity is encouraged, while there is a plan for each activity, kids are allowed to add their own ideas and experiment.
Cooperation vs. Competition
Many of our games encourage kids to work together as a team to accomplish goals in a physical environment.  Moving objects over obstacles and carrying items all while having to use verbal and non-verbal communication. 
STEM & Parkour
Moving in a 3 dimensional space requires a real-world understanding of physics.  Topics of surfaces, shapes, and other engineering also matter in the construction of our gym obstacles. The more kids learn about the science of their environment, the smarter and more informed athletes they become. 
New Location Open
We've moved to our band new facility.  We're located behind Dutch Bros at 2026 Bear Mountain Road #117, Fort Collins CO 80525
What's Parkour camp look like?
Daily curriculum varies based on a rotating curriculum set for the students and schedule. Level 2 camps require bands from our Terra & Orbit programs.  

Only 20 spots open. We keep our camps listed for a short time, then close to ensure kiddos get the right amount of attention. Register early to save your spot.
Intro & New Obstacles
We like to get to know each other, explain safety and rules before jumping in.  We teach real-world skills like jumping, climbing and balance. Then we facilitate obstacle courses where students can practice. 
Day 1
More Obstacle Courses & Skills
Practice will include learning and reviewing skills for jumping climbing and tricks.
Day 2
Obstacle Engineers
Learn from our coaches how to build the best obstacle courses and understand to set them up.  Then test your skills on the course you helped construct. 
Day 3
🤟 Coloradical Parkour Action 👾
Movement intelligence is at the center of all the action.  The fundamentals are not only fun, but turn into real-world skills.  Our environment and context constantly changes.  We create fun and challenging experiences where the students physical abilities are constantly improving. 
Upper body and grip strength is missing from most youth today. But kids love to climb for fun!
Safety at speed over obstacles is learned and practiced as part of the basics.
Learning situational awareness in a 3D environment builds creativity and confidence.
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Camps age Age 8+
Obstacle Courses
Camp Games 

Flips and Tricks

Get Charged Up for Our New Location

Hear From The Founders
 We are so excited to bring the new Outrun Parkour facility to students!  This has been a project years in the making and we have put the best of our hearts and minds into this project.  We love the we can bring something new to parkour and share it with the people who got us here, our students.  We can't wait to see all the fun and action that will be had during summer camps in our new Outrun location!

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